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2018 Mix & Match Sale


A Solendi Art piece, is not just a painting to colour up a white wall.

A Solendi painting will tap into your self-awareness, allowing you to adopt a lifestyle of gratitude. Yes, art can mean different things to different people, but with every piece Stacey Olendi touches, she infuses her own realization that she is a better artist than she was before. With every painting, she hopes that it's new owner, you, will also reflect on your life journey and appreciate your personal growth


When you appreciate the things you have, you put yourself in a state of receiving more of what you want, while being happier. Your perception of life becomes more optimistic, you feel appreciated and you achieve your life goals much faster.


If you choose to not get a painting, your life will go on as usual. But wouldn't you like to inject more positivity in your life? 


Your mind hungers for something that reminds you to learn from your past, appreciate your present, and look forward to your future. Learn. Live. Love.


Order a Solendi Art Piece. Limited pieces available.

Paintings for Sale
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