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I'm Struggling To Find Time for My Art

Updated: May 3, 2020

Two months ago, I got a full-time job. To be honest, I am struggling to keep the art going. Why did I take the job? Regular source of income aside, I knew it would help me learn a couple of things I could apply to my art business. Things like client service, working up contracts, approaching potential sponsors for projects... I had a vision and I was keen on learning what I can so I can take my art business to a whole other level.

It's funny how years ago, people would ask how I found time for art and dance while working (at previous jobs, before I quit to become a full time artist), and I always thought "If you love something, you will always find time for it". To me, not doing anything to pursue your interests simply meant you do not value these said interests.

If I'm being honest, I do still believe that you can find time for the things you love. I however now know that it's not an easy battle. My job has been keeping me busy. I however deep down know I could still have time to draw or paint something. I'd have to wake up an hour earlier than usual. I could even have a tiny sketchbook at work and to draw in whenever I take my mental breaks.

This experience is teaching me that a lot of our struggles to maintain life balance are a fight within our minds. It's all mental. You have to be determined to pursue your goals and you need to train/push your mind so it can spur your body into action. Discipline your mind; discipline your body.

It's time I wrote down my actionable goals. I don't want to look back into my past and say "I used to be an artist, then life happened." That is not my story.

There's something powerful about writing down your goals. It's like it registers in your mind that there is actionable steps you can take to achieve these goals.


Going Forward

For me, my goal is to keep creating art. To do this, I will have to d

raw 20-30 minutes of each day. I will spend 8 hours over every weekend painting. That's 4 hours on Saturday, another 4 hours on Sundays. To keep myself accountable, I will document and publish these processes. The added pressure of 1/2 eyeballs watching could help keep me in check.


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