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DIY: How to Make A Cute Wall Hanging Hanging

“Creativity is intelligence having fun.” ~Albert Einstein

LOL! As I was typing this Jason Mraz' "I Won't Give Up" came on and got me counter-productive. I just wanna stop and listen...

Okay! The song's over! So here we go... Here's a fun DIY  project anyone can do! It's a heart-shaped wall hanging I recently completed.

I originally spotted this project on

What I used
  • A square wooden board (I got this from a neighbour who happened to be getting rid of stuff. You can ask for one from a local carpenter. The softer the wood the better!)

  • A Pencil

  • 1 inch nails

  • A Hammer

  • Red and black wool (Go with whatever colour that floats your boat.)

  1. Take the board and lightly draw a heart shape. The shape should be central and fill most of the board. It helps to draw center lines both vertically and horizontally. These could act as a guide for symmetry. It could also help to draw the heart on a piece of paper first.

  2. Hammer nails along the boundary of the shape. If your heart drawing is on paper, simply tape it on the board then nail it. The nails should ideally be 1 inch apart. Once the whole boundary is nailed, remove the paper. if you did not use paper, use an eraser to get rid of the pencil marks.

  3. Take the wool and tie it on the nail at the bottom center (the sharp point of your heart shape). Stretch it to a nail across, wrapping it twice around it. Stretch the wool again to another nail across the board. Keep doing this as you wrap the wool around the nails. There should be a criss-cross effect on the wool. You can alternate the wool colours if you want more colour.

  4. Once done, use scissors to tidy up the points at which you tied the wool.

Things You Can Do Differently
  • Use spray-paint to give the wood and nails an interesting colour! This step can come after nailing the board. Silver or Gold would look amazing. You can get spray-paint from any supermarket or hardware stores.

  • Use string instead of wool if you'd prefer a thinner look.

Happy Creating!


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